Heartlinks offers professional, confidential and quality counselling for individuals, young people, couples and families.

Our qualified and experienced counsellors have expertise in a range of areas and counselling support will be tailored to your individual concerns. We offer welcoming, private counselling rooms and child-friendly play-based therapy rooms at our convenient Sandringham location.

Our aim is to support you through the challenging times in your relationships and life, assist you to improve and strengthen communication and relationship skills, and help you with strategies to resolve problems and manage your situation in a positive way. Our focus is on promoting healthy and respectful relationships, to enable you and those closest to you, to thrive.

  • Family Relationships and Parenting

    Relationships can be hard work. And life can sometimes get in the way. Raising children, work demands, health concerns, caring for aging parents and managing family routines can all contribute to feeling time poor and overwhelmed....

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  • Life Transitions/ Challenges

    Major life transitions like adjusting to isolation during COVID-19, becoming a parent, moving to a new city, or retirement can be very exciting. However, transitions even happy ones, can be stressful and create mixed feelings. Heartlinks...

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  • Children and Young People

    With an increasing number of children experiencing early signs of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders, Heartlinks has the expertise to help children develop the skills and strategies needed to cope with...

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  • Communicating to enhance relationships

    Relationships can be hard work. And life can sometimes get in the way. Communication breaks down. Relationships break down. By improving your communication and strengthening your understanding and skills for respectful, healthy relationships, you can improve...

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  • Relationship Review and Renew

    Is your relationship in trouble? Are either you or your partner thinking that change is needed or that separation or divorce might be possible? You might feel that the only pathway forward is separation/divorce – but...

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  • Investing in looking after you

    Individual Counselling is a process of sharing, talking and listening with the help of a trained professional to work through your personal problems. Counselling will assist you to clarify the issues, learn about yourself, explore options,...

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How does it work?

  • You can attend counselling on your own, with a partner, as a family, or children may attend on their own.
  • Sessions are 50 mins in duration.
  • The frequency and number of sessions is dependant on individual concerns and will be discussed between you and your counsellor.
  • Our counsellors are highly experienced and qualified in counselling and social work.
  • Appointments are available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and after hours by arrangement.
  • Appointments can be held over the telephone or via a secure internet video based channel.
  • Call us for further information, or to arrange an initial consultation.