Safe on Screens

Brief summary of program purpose

Navigating the world of technology with your child is a journey, but one that many families feel under-equipped to manage as their children grow older. It is never too early to instil good habits, and families play an important role in helping children to develop digital intelligence — the social, emotional and practical skills needed to successfully navigate the digital world.

Online activity can offer children opportunities to learn through exploration, play and social interaction. It can also help develop their digital literacy from preparation for starting school through to high school. However, there are risks if they use connected devices without supervision or for extended periods of time. Your child may accidentally come across inappropriate content, be exposed to potential contact with strangers and miss out on physical activity.

This workshop provides evidence informed research to give you insight into what the world of technology presents for children of all ages and how best to keep them safe and healthy on screen and online.

Topics include:

  • Current research into the effects of technology on children
  • Issues with use of technology and possible impact on child development
  • Benefits of technology
  • Trends in current content
  • Guidelines, the importance of being ‘media mentors’ and setting boundaries
  • The importance of connection - with each other instead of technology

What you will learn:

  • The impact of technology on brain development
  • The benefits and disadvantages of current technology use for children
  • Complexities of the issue: Diverse studies and conclusions
  • Ideas to manage current usage
  • When to seek professional support

Best suited to:

Suitable for anyone who is caring children, from babies to adolescents


The workshop is delivered in one two hour session.

Future dates to be scheduled. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this program.


During COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria this workshop is being delivered using a secure, online platform that participants can access from anywhere in Australia.


$100 per person

$180 per couple

$80 concession

Limited spaces available.  Maximum number of participants is 20.

Acceptance into this program is subject to minimum enrolment numbers being achieved and/or maximum numbers being reached. Heartlinks reserves the right to discontinue service should the facilitator deem a participant to be better suited to an alternative form of support.

Bookings and more information:

For more information email or call (03) 8599 5488.