Relationship Review and Renew

Is your relationship in trouble? Are either you or your partner thinking that change is needed or that separation or divorce might be possible?

You might feel that the only pathway forward is separation/divorce – but with specialist help, you can review the relationship to assist with decisions and options. Decisions for a long-term relationship should be considered carefully, particularly when children are involved. Our family counsellors specialise in assisting families who are contemplating separation and divorce.

Relationship Review and Renew is a discernment counselling program which supports couples to look at their relationship and decide with clarity and confidence about whether they wish to remain together, invest in further support to repair or renew their relationship, or whether an amicable separation or divorce can be achieved.

The program is designed for couples who are uncertain about their future; where one party may want to keep trying to work on the relationship, and the other is leaning strongly towards separation/divorce – but is not 100 percent sure.  It is a structured and time-limited approach which supports couples to take one more look before making a permanent decision with long-term consequences.

Our Relationship Review & Renew (RRR) program can help you to:

  • gain clarity and confidence about what steps to take next with your relationship
  • understand what has happened to your relationship
  • look at both sides of relationship problems – yours and your partner’s
  • make well-informed decisions about the future of your relationship
  • develop strategies to manage the impact on your children

The program includes:

  • A telephone session with a couples counsellor to assess whether this program best meets your needs.
  • An initial 2 hour session (attended by both partners and a couples counsellor) where a plan is established
  • Up to 5 x 1 hour follow up sessions where each partner can spend time individually and jointly with the counsellor. At the end of each session, each partner decides whether they would like to continue with the program.
  • When a decision emerges, the counsellor supports the parties to find the professionals to help with a constructive separation plan, or to formulate a reconciliation work plan to create a healthy, successful relationship

The Relationship Review and Renew program is considered successful when couples have clarity and confidence in their decision about the future of their relationship.

For more information or to arrange an initial consultation, email or call (03) 8599 5488

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