Parenting Anxious and Sensitive Children Workshop

A workshop for parents of anxious and sensitive children.

Do you have a child who worries about the simplest of things? Do they get upset easily? Do they seem to have empathy beyond their young years? Are they constantly asking questions, exposing their exquisite attention to detail? Perhaps they want all the tags cut off from their t-shirts.  Or to sit quietly in the corner rather than engage with the group. Maybe someone has even labelled them as "highly emotional" or "shy". Chances are you have a sensitive little soul on your hands. And you are not alone.

Parenting an anxious or sensitive child is an immense responsibility.  The Brave, Brilliant and Resilient workshop aims to increase your capacity to support your child affected by anxiety, worry or stress. Over three weekly sessions, you will be guided through this solutions-based program and supported to address individual concerns effectively

Topics include:

  • What is anxiety? How prevalent is it? How does it differ from worry? How does it fit into the context of “normal” child development?
  • Understanding sensory sensitivity and its relationship with anxiety
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of anxiety and vulnerable mental health
  • Strategies you can implement every day that will make regular situations more calm and less emotional for everyone involved
  • Identifying and developing coping skills and building resilience
  • The role of communication, compassion and ‘sensitive parenting skills’
  • Helping children out of their Comfort Zone and into their Courage Zone

What you will learn:

  • A greater understanding of anxiety and how it differs from worry
  • Some insight about how parental attitudes and behaviours impact on the development of child anxiety
  • Increased confidence in sharing your parenting concerns
  • The transformation of misunderstanding, exasperation and doubt into certainty, optimism and strength.
  • Clear and evidence-based information about parenting strategies that work to address and minimise anxiety in children
  • Strengthened understanding of how to embrace sensitivity and angst as a strength
  • Guidance and advice for feeling more competent and confident in responding to your child’s needs as well as tips for looking after your own
  • A tailored solutions-based framework that will address the particular concerns in your unique situation
  • Increased clarity about how different professionals can help if symptoms worsen

Best suited to:

Parents and carers of children aged 4 to 11 years.  Parents are encouraged to attend as a couple if they co-parent.


The workshop runs across three Wednesday evenings.

Wednesday  30th May 2018  7pm to 9pm
Wednesday 6th June 2018  7pm to 9pm
Wednesday 13th June 2018  7pm to 9pm

Light refreshments provided.


Family Life meeting room, 197 Bluff Rd, Sandringham

Your Facilitator:

Fiona Reizner is a mother, counsellor, educator and facilitator who is passionate about helping families to feel empowered and increase their emotional well-being. Fiona holds a Bachelor of Social Work Degree and has undertaken further studies in mental health issues such as (but not limited to) anxiety and depression.  She has also undertaken Children’s Mental Health Service Professional Development Training with the Australian Psychological Society.  In addition Fiona has completed Mindfulness training for children as well as training in Family Mediation.  Fiona has facilitated the Masters of Social Work at LaTrobe University, has her own private practice in addition to counselling children and their families as a Psychological Strategies Provider with Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network.


$240 per person ($215 concession)

Limited spaces available.  Maximum number of participants is 20.

Acceptance into this program is subject to minimum enrolment numbers being achieved and/or maximum numbers being reached. Heartlinks reserves the right to discontinue service should the facilitator deem a participant to be better suited to an alternative form of support.

Bookings and more information:

For more info, email or call (03) 8599 5488

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