Parenting during COVID-19

Program purpose

Parenting has always come with its own unique challenges and never more so than the present. 

Raise awareness of your own or your children’s possible responses to COVID-19 and the many challenges it has brought with it. Learn useful, practical strategies to parent during COVID-19, addressing amongst other issues: anxiety; remote learning; and isolating at home.

Topics include:

  • Current challenges parents and children may be experiencing
  • Range of responses by children during COVID-19
  • The difference between worry and anxiety
  • Brain and child development
  • Strategies including co-regulation, grounding and body maps

What you will learn:

  • The importance of expectations during COVID-19
  • The impact that COVID-19 may be having on your child’s behaviour
  • Possible reactions according to the age and temperament of your child
  • Strategies to try and manage your child’s experience of COVID-19

Best suited to:

Suitable for anyone who is caring children during COVID-19


These workshops are no longer available.

For information about upcoming workshops email or call (03) 8599 5488.