Post Separation Workshop

Positive Parenting after Separation Workshop

Parenting after separation is quite a challenge!  Do you need to improve your co-parenting arrangement?

This Positive Parenting after Separation workshop aims to equip parents with greater skill in remaining child-focused, reducing conflict, improving communication with the other parent, and developing a positive post-separation co-parenting relationship.

Parents will be supported to reduce the stress around a challenging situation, while providing a safe space to discuss and explore co-parenting issues.  You will develop a range of strategies to manage and improve the relationship with the other parent, and most importantly enhance the connection with your child.

Topics include:

  • Communication
  • Children’s development
  • Co-parenting strategies
  • Parenting styles
  • Managing conflict
  • Self-care

Nobody wants their children to struggle in a relationship breakdown.  Our workshop can help you to navigate the twists and turns of separated parenting.

Best suited to:

Separated or divorced parents, and carers.
Only one party of the relationship can be accepted in each workshop.


Wednesday 15th November 2017 7pm to 9pm
9:30 am to 5 pm

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea provided.


Family Life meeting room, 197 Bluff Rd, Sandringham

Your Facilitator:

Kathy McGee is a social worker and early childhood professional with over 25 years’ working with children & families. Coupled with her hands-on practice & work as a consultant to children’s development teams, Kathy has a broad range of experience including managing refuges, coordinating major projects, and designing and delivering professional development packages related to implementing sector legislative changes at the coal face. Kathy’s particular area of interest is children's development and the challenges of parenting, and she has extensive experience in facilitating programs & workshops in this area. Most importantly, Kathy is the proud mother of three beautiful adults.


$220 per person ($200 concession)

Certificates of participation, suitable for submission to Court are available on completion of the workshop. 

Limited spaces available.  Maximum number of participants is 15.

Acceptance into this program is subject to minimum enrolment numbers being achieved and/or maximum enrolment numbers being capped. Acceptance into the Post Separation Parenting workshop is also subject to an online questionnaire and short telephone interview by the facilitator to ensure this workshop is appropriate for your situation.

Please note that Heartlinks will not enrol ex-partners in the same workshop, so please identify the name of your former partner when registering. Should we have both parties register for the same workshop, we will refund the second party and refer that person to the next scheduled workshop.

Heartlinks reserves the right to discontinue service should the facilitator deem a participant to be better suited to an alternative form of support.


"This workshop really helped me to see past the conflict with my ex and focus on the children."   - James

Bookings and more information:

For more info, email or call (03) 8599 5488
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